Timeline and Activities

  • Prototype Demonstration Day                         Date: 15th Dec, 2017

2017-12-16 14.49.17In addition to presenting our project, we decided to ask all visitors to work with GIPSIM (by using the manual) and give us feedback by taking a survey. Overall, we recieved pleseant comments from our mentors, advisors, and professors and we can not wait for the second part of the year to add more features to our product.

  • Final Presentation                                           Date: 8th Dec, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 4.35.11 PM

We did a great job presenting the key points of our project as the first group. Our mentors Lauren and Jeff liked our presentation as well.

  • Development of GIPSIM
2017-12-10 15.04.31

Our plan on the board

The team came up with the final layout of the GUI called GIPSIM (Graphical Imaging Processor and Simulator) and improved its features such as KSL, Sobel, Wiener, edge detection, Hamming, and so on.

  • Development of the system                           Date: 9th Nov, 2017

The team is working on the development of both parts of the framework. Armando is taking lead on the development of the simulator and Yadav is taking lead on the development of the image reconstruction platform. Nasim and Anahita are taking responsibility of interviewing MRI technologists and researchers who work with MRI.

  • Basics of Simulator

The team has started to learn about the Simulator. Dr Ikonomidou has been very kind to give an hour lecture every Tuesday regarding the physics of MRI which will give us a better understanding of it.

  • Addition of Simulator

Unfortunately, as planned in the beginning of the semester, we got to know that the MRI machine in Krasnow has been decommissioned. So we can no longer use it to collect the raw data. With guidance of Dr Ikonomidou, we have decided to add a simulator to our project which will generate k-space data.

  • Design of Image reconstruction platform

We have started to design the image reconstruction platform. Our goal is to make a user friendly system with different functionality. We will update the website as we add new features to the system.

  • Proposal Presentation              Date:10/27/2017

The team presented the proposal for our project in front of our instructor Dr Laurence Bray, our advisor Dr Vicki and our mentors Lauren Hirt and Jeff.

  • Meeting with Dr Ikonomidou

The Team met with Dr Vicki and she has graciously agreed to guide us for this project. We gave her an overview of what we want to accomplish and she gave us her valuable feedbacks. We also invited her for our proposal presentation.

  • Proposal                                     Date:10/20/2017

We are working on the written proposal for this time and also preparing for the presentation. We have a better understand of MRI at this point compared to when we started.

  • Meeting wth mentors

The Team has been meeting with our mentors every week for 2 hours. We are updating on what we have accomplished so far and get their feedback on our way of approach.

  • Literature Review

In this time frame, the team is gathering resources on MRI parameters and how it affects the image, methods to speed of image processing, matrix manipulation, image quality, algorithms/methods for image reconstructions, different filters, implementing new algorithms into the framework.

  • Basics of MRI

The team has been focusing on the basics of MRI for the time so that we can have a strong foundation for the understanding of the MRI. We are spending most of the time going over the Resources provided by our mentor Lauren. Some of the resources include Basics principles of MRI, Proton to Picture,basics of creating a graphic user interface, etc.

  • Intro Presentation                          Date:10/06/2017

As of today, our team has a very limited knowledge about MRI data acquisition and image reconstruction. All of the members have started learning about the generals of MRI. We met with our mentors Lauren and Jeff and got to know more about the project. We presented a brief overview of our project on image processing and MRI basics.