• Prototype Demonstration Day

2017-12-16 14.49.17

  • Final Presentation Day

We did a great job presenting the key points as the first group presenting!

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 4.38.09 PM

Left to right: Armando Medina, Anahita Charmsaz, Lauren Hirt (Mentor), Jeff Arndt (Mentor), Nasim Jaghoori, Suneksha KC, Yadav Timilsina


Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 2.45.22 PM

Left to right: Yadav Timilsina, Anahita Charmsaz, Dr Ikonomidou (Advisor), Suneksha KC, Armando Medina, Nasim Jaghoori


2017-12-09 12.49.25

Relief Selfie :D

  • Group Meetings
2017-12-10 15.04.27

Photo Credit: Suneksha KC

  • Winning the game12024520-Gold-cup-winner-trophy-with-a-blank-metal-base-on-a-white-background--Stock-Photo

There was a competition about making the tallest tower by some spaghettis, a string, tape and one marshmallow. Our team won because we made the tallest one (about 45 inches). Also, we got 7 points for our final presentation. yay!

2017-11-24 13.23.20