Team Members

 Armando Medina Calderon

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A senior in bioengineering with a concentration in pre-health. He is looking forward to graduating and going to medical school to pursue a career in surgery. He plans on using the engineering skills he has acquired at GMU and using them to solve current and future issues in the medical field. He is the manager of the team and main point of contact for the advisors.

Anahita Charmsaz Moghaddam

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Anahita is a senior bioengineering major with a concentration of Pre-health. She has always wanted to be in medical field and have a career that can be advantageous to the medical profession. She has been working as Lab Technologist in one of the largest laboratories called Quest Diagnostics and is planning to continue her education after graduating. She is the writer, website manager and resource collector of the team.

Suneksha KC

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Suneksha is a senior in Bioengineering with concentration in Signals and Systems. She is interested in the medical device technology and intends to contribute to the healthcare innovation in future. She is a team coordinator and responsible to provide support and making sure people in the team are working together effectively.

Nasim Jaghoori

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Nasim is a a senior in GMU majoring in Bioengineering with a concentration in Signals and Systems. He enjoys learning about imaging machines as well as biomechanics. After graduating he plans on finding a job and hopefully continue his education in future. He is the resource investigator of the team and is responsible to find resources required for the team to succeed.

Yadav Timilsina

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Yadav is a senior in Bioengineering with signal and system concentration. His interests are in Tissue engineering and Cancer biology. After graduating from Mason, he is planning to work for a while before going to a grad school. He is collecting the matlab resources for the team.